Inclusive Life™ is a compass towards transforming our diverse societies to be more inclusive, equitable and justice by how we stand up in our homes and in our vocations and live inclusive lives through authenticity, awareness, and action.

Authenticity: The saying “fake it until you make it” may work in some arenas. But in building an inclusive life, authenticity is everything. While just “saying the right thing” may get some people by some of the time, it’s not transformative and ultimately the façade will fail them. Working through our bias, privileges and ignorance will ultimately serve us all personally and build the world we want to create.

Awareness: In order to have a transformational impact in the world, our own self-awareness is an essential ingredient. Often, we look around and see what is wrong in the world but skip the step for our own deep self-reflection.  Without this, some of our most sincere efforts in inclusion, equity and justice won’t have the results we truly want. Inclusive Life™ features opportunities to explore how we can better understand how we fit into the overall journey towards a more equitable and just society.

Action: It’s not enough to believe in inclusion, equity and justice. We must act.  And it’s not enough to act in one area of our lives.  For example, if we try to be inclusive in our personal lives but not at work, in the end we undermine our impact and live insincere lives. Inclusive Life™ brings together the intention that our authenticity and awareness will carry into our deliberate actions.  These actions: large, small, public and private together are the full expression of our inclusive lives.

Inclusive Life™ features:

Join us at Accelerator 2019: Politics and Spirituality at the Crossroads Washington, DC October 11- 13, 2019!!

Online community: Check out our online community on Facebook.

Classes: Nicole teaches a variety of classes to individuals, schools, businesses and non-profits. Check out the Resources page to learn more.

Coaching: Nicole provides one on one coaching for clients who want a laser focus on building their inclusive life and business.

Beginning in the fall of 2019, we will feature a podcast, Inclusive Life™ podcast, that will feature interviews with though leaders doing the very important work of building equity, inclusion and justice across sectors, within our families and in every aspect of society. For now, check out some of her recent interviews and writing.