intuitive coaching; tangible results

Whether the issues we discuss are personal or professional, I use an intuitive approach that utilizes weaves deep personal inquiry, embodiment and analytic tools to help you get to the root of the matter.

In our one on one sessions, we will explore the physical/factual, emotional, and spiritual/ethical aspects of any issue. The overall goal of our work together is to move you towards your purpose in alignment your integrity and intentions.

I have over two decades of experience as a leader, speaker coalition and movement builder. I also bring years of self-development and coaching experience with me. From that experience, I really do I know what it takes to get results.  I also know that far too often, we sacrifice our own wholeness and fulfillment towards these goals. There’s a better way.

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Are you:

  • Open to personal growth and transformation?

  • Taking on new leadership roles or looking to renew one’s commitment to business, cause or ministry?

  • Want to have an impact on their families and communities?

  • Committed to your personal authenticity?

  • Brave enough to embrace vulnerability and holistic approaches?

Possible areas of discussion:

  • Creating everything from a plan to a new life.

  • Showing up as the ally, leader or partner you want to be.

  • Getting real about racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism in day to day life and in coalition building.

  • How to communicate boldly and bravely and actively listen even in conflict.

I offer coaching packages including 3, 6 and 12 month packages to meet individual interests and needs.

I am a CTI trained coach who has lead organizations, campaigns, and projects for over 20 years. She mixes her no-nonsense and no judgment approach with humor and intuition. Two decades of honing listening and problem-solving skills, tackling areas were clients are stuck or afraid to dive in.

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“Nicole Lee's work is distinguished by her nuanced but never tentative integration of mind, heart, and spirit. She is crazy smart, ridiculously well educated in both conventional and unconventional ways, and offers the ruthless compassion of one whose spirituality is grounded and embodied. Her intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and political range is vast. I can't think of a better coach and thought partner for someone who wants to have a positive impact on the world today.”

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